Creation and Teaching Principle

How to appreciate children’s artwork? Does my child have talent?
History tells us the truth- A word ‘creativity’, has brought human into the world of civilization. Creativity is a gifted ability, a habit, simply like learning walking and language. You can process it with practice. Practicing drawing is practicing creativity as well, through the continuing learning, inspiration, confidence, focus and positive attitude toward failure are developed day by day. In children’s art world, there is nothing called another purpose, no success or failure. Whereas, only their naïve behavior can bring them a pure and in-depth creative experience.

Why they cannot draw alike? Why they paint beyond the lines?
Children cannot draw what adults expect is a natural fact. They scribble in order to discover their world on paper through countless trial. Whether it is a nice painting, is not their concern. Sometimes their hands are not well controlled to paint within lines. Occasionally, figures can be seen. This self-discovering process and original creation should be emphasized. Not copying, it is from what they observe from the daily life. Cultivating children’s habit to draw with their own hands and to think by themselves, can influence their vivid characters. If someone is giving improper advice or interruption to young children, this may tear down their creativity and confidence unintentionally. Older they grow, more they see and experience, the content of their pictures will be richer, imagination can also be visualized. In some cases that children cannot draw, it may be the reason of not having enough guildeline to encourage their self expression.