Oil Paintingcourse code : AS-OL001

《 Courses 》
Oil paint was developed in Europe. In the early stage, it was used for the religious purpose. Until 19th Century, it has been widely used by public for self-assurance after the rapid changes from the art movements. We appreciate the uniqueness of individual. Van Gogh has his own way to express, Picasso has his style. Therefore, we do not have the strict teaching way. Our goal is to enhance students the level of art sense and go through the satisfaction with them while they are painting.

《 Teaching Content 》
Oil paints can be layered and mixed more freely. Students will understand the relationship between the paints, brushes, solvent, canvas etc. Alongside with the western art history, masterpieces analyzing, and the wide range of topics discussion, students will understand the richness and the tone of the color. Just enjoy the satisfaction of developing their own style!

Young kids, teenagers and adults are welcome in this program