Acrylic Painting course code : AS-OL002

《 Courses 》
Acrylic paint was invented in America in 20th century. This new media has given the design industry and the art scene a dynamic change. There are many advantages of using acrylic paints including its versatility, quick and convenient drying time and crack resistance, therefore, it has been widely used by the designers and artists. It can be thinned with water or it can be applied in thick layers to provide a similar appearance to oil painting. Not limited to canvas, Acrylic can be applied on paper, wood, metal and plastic surface.

《 Teaching Content 》

Similar appearance to oil painting, but being diluted with water, Acrylic’s quick drying time, easy carry and wash characters, are always with a high number of different creative possibilities. This makes it ideal for beginners and as a step towards oil painting.

Young kids, teenagers and adults are welcome in this program