Nelly Liu

After a while, I used to reorganize my thought, and in the same time to reorganize the themes of my artworks. Keep painting and organizing my thought throughout these years, gradually, this process brings me to a quietness, the place that I can concentrate to go through the voice of my thought, the quiet place that I can find energy to move on.
Introduction :
Holding higher diplomas in Hong Kong Arts School, Design First institution Hong Kong and the HKU Space, and studied Child Psychology, she is also experienced in teaching visual arts in local high schools and primary schools for many years. In the moment, she is the councilor in Drawing Society of Hong Kong, a member of Hong Kong Art Education Society. She has been encouraging the participation in exhibition and competition in recent years, and focuses on developing teaching materials in order to cultivate students’ passion to arts and their ability to appreciate, share, accept, self discover, inspire, observe and create. As an honor of the arts teacher in the youth and children drawing competition, she has also been traveling to Europe to explore the western arts frequently.

2012 - June: Crescent Art Society joint exhibition, HKCultural Center.
- Feb: Drawing Society, the fifth cycle of joint exhibition, HK Cultural Center
- Jan: Religion and Art, oil painting exhibition, HK City Hall
2010-11 - Art tours to Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Britain
2008 - Oct: Hong Kong Landscape II, exhibition, HK Visual Arts Center.
2006 - Established “ Ka Wo Studio
- Councilor of Hong Kong Drawing Society
- Mar: Drawing Society, the first cycle of joint exhibition, HK Cultural Center
- Dec: Hong Kong Landscape I- Tai O, exhibition, HK Cultural Center.
- An honor of the arts teacher in the youth and children drawing competition