Akina Chun

Painting is simply a happy thing for me. Countless questioning and introspection are always in my painting process, only the persistence and patience are the solutions and the ways to keep me move on. Painting became a part of my life now, actually, the fun that it can bring to me is far more than I can imagine.
Introduction :
Holding the higher diplomas in Visual Arts and Fine Arts, Hong Kong Arts School, Professional diploma in Arts and Design, CUSCS, CUHK. His art works have been shown in many exhibitions such as ‘Conversation with Masters’ ‘ New Horizon, New Territories’, ‘Religion and Arts’ etc. Beside the experience in teaching children and teenagers drawing in many schools, he also participated in numerous projects like the stone sculpture, fresco design and stage setting for different organizations. He has passion in exploring western arts. Through the art tour, he visited famous museums. Countries that he has reached include Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy.