Goose Law

Arts can help us to develop a right attitude towards selecting and making decision in our daily life. Even we make a wrong decision, we just redo it or start again until we are satisfied. Look for a breakthrough again when we feel satisfied! For me, Art is not just an interest, but it is also a process to self discover, a power and attitude to move on in our life.
Introduction :
Holding a Bachelor degree in Geography, CUHK, Diploma in traditional painting in Berlin, Kunstgut Berlin, Diploma in drawing and painting, CUSCS, CUHK. Completed a program for Teaching Visual Art in Primary Schools and Art Therapy: Theory and Practice for Related Professionals. Since 2000, she has been working, traveling, studying in Europe and America such as the art cities like Paris, London, Florence, Berlin, Frankfurt, Bremen, New York etc. Have an in-depth overseas exposure and an active interaction with foreign artists for the new art trend. Enjoy sharing the ideas of art education.